NGLs & Other Liquids Dashboard Now Available on the OilX Platform

OilX is delighted to release the beta version of the new NGLs & Other Liquids Dashboard available in the OilX Platform.

The new dashboard covers the production of all NGLs (Ethane, LPG, C5+) and Other Liquids (MTBE/Methanol, Oil Shale, GTL, CTL). This module forms the last building block in the creation of a truly bottom up Global Liquids Balance, which is next in our development cycle.

Key features:

  • Monthly production data, updated daily, with granularity for 59 countries 
  • API integration with external systems

Using the latest AI technology, the OilX Platform covers all elements of the oil supply chain from production to consumption, providing you with the most advanced oil analytics when you need it.

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