OilX announces Global Liquids Balances dashboard

OilX announces the release of the Global Liquids Balances, a first of its kind dashboard, which allows you to understand the global oil balances in ALL its components.

At OilX, we have worked hard over the last five years to re-construct oil balances, bottom up, country-by-country and month-by-month. We followed the “well-to-wheel” approach of mapping out first crude oil, then refined products, then biofuels and lastly NGLs and other balances. The release of the new Global Liquids Balances is a class of its own and is now live for your test drive on the OilX Platform. To experience it, sign-up here:

Key features:

  • Monthly data, updated daily, for all the Global Liquids Balance components (Supply, Demand and Stocks) and 'summary' or 'detailed' views according to your needs. 
  • Seasonality and Trend charts, including Nowcast evolutions for all the components of the Global Liquids Balance

All components of the Global Liquids Balance, presented in seasonality or trend charts, in a single dashboard are available to you just a click away.